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Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4)
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They know what they did wrong

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I got this not long after launch and it had its problems but I've put a lot of time into it the story mode is short but rich and in typical fashion today it ties perfectly into canon,
Online can be a bit annoying with lack of servers but I suggest that you join a few star wars community's on ps4 and join the members online. Just hope your latency(ping) is good game runs perfectly at anything under 20ms.

We will watch this game with great interest

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Last year BF2 really got off to a rocky start I'm not gonna lie. The devs did a complete overhaul of this game's progression system so most of the problems the community had with this game has already been ironed out, personally, I've only ever known EA as an excellent video game company and pioneer of the early home computer games industry. EA has always had my enjoyment as their primary concern and their community involvement is phenomenal.

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This one is but a Padawan.

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The 5 people who have already rated this game 1 star are not Star Wars fanatics. Played the offline campaign and some of the offline arcade battles, and I am not entirely satisfied and feel there is much to be desired, HOWEVER, there is definitely some fun to be had. It's worth trying if you are Star Wars mental and have the cash to waste. If you are not Star Wars mental, stay far away and if you're poor (terrible choice of words), wait until this game is on special as it does not have enough to offer at this early stage for your R900.

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